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A perfect dichotomy. A wild child with a heart of gold. Floats like a butterfly but stings like a bee. These are my not-so-secret obsessions. Welcome to my world.

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I’m not cut out to be a dancer again. 15mins of pointe… and this! (Taken with instagram)
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Permalink Reason #536563 why I’m madly infatuated with this Greek god.
So it seems I only interact with a very small fraction of my followers. You know who you are!
I would love for everyone on here to introduce themselves and/or holla back. I want to know who you and why you follow me and I’ll be happy to answer any questions, public or privately :)
Note: This is me backstage getting ready to be one of the Willis for a Giselle performance a few years ago.
Permalink I saw the boy woder that is Ed Watson just casually hanging on at reception near the stage door of the Opera House whilst I was registering to get in.
It was kind of awkward as there was no one else other than him and I so we kindda acknowledged each other and then I left. 
I admit I was drooling on the inside a little.
What a boy!
We were actually in this studio where this picture was taken today. It gets so hot in there you always feel like you’ve worked out more than you really have.
Permalink Old dancing picture of me! I talk so much about dance and I never post any of me dancing so here you go
Permalink My beautiful friend Laura, ENB First Artist, is leaving the country to go back to Spain so she can be nearer her family and boyfriend.
I attended her leaving do last night which was lovely because I got to see her,catch up and see a few other ENB people, but it was so sad to see I will not be seeing her pretty face for a very long time now! 
I wish her best of luck in her new life and I know she’s going to be really happy being back home with her family and boyfriend. But I’m so sad she’s leaving!
Permalink True story: I passed by the studio where this beautiful man was rehearsing once.
He saw me and starting to show off (ballet Gods must have an ego too!)
But the reality is, that this man does not have to do a lot other than stand there to make most people’s jaws drop.
I rarely get star-struck but all I could do was watch him.