Music, Sex Shows and Steak

A perfect dichotomy. A wild child with a heart of gold. Floats like a butterfly but stings like a bee. These are my not-so-secret obsessions. Welcome to my world.

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Permalink I want this poster in my room so badly! 
This must be one of my favourite ballet movies ever.
Permalink After the failed delivery of my Wonder Woman outfit I have now successfully ordered a red riding hood (no prices for guessing who I’ll be going as).
I guess you can be as sexy hiding under a cape as in hotpants!
Permalink Reason #453 why I’m still single
Permalink What is it with fairy tales uh? Why does the prince always have to save the princess?  Why can’t the frekking princess save the prince? That’d be more like real life really. Women are stronger and cooler under stressful situations. And don’t get lost as much.
That mothafuckin prince would have only had to wait a year, not 100 like Sleeping Beauty did, if the roles had been reversed. 
I’m going to start writing my own fairy tales.