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I went back to work today at last after more than 3 weeks in Spain.

My company has decided to change its name and logo to something a lot more cooler so we had the official internal brand launch with the big cheeses from the States coming over.

Then they took us out for lunch.

I somehow ended up at the table with the CEO and our European MD which was a great opportunity to ask them loads of questions about where the company is going and the reasons behind the launch. They’re both such nice, educated, smart and inspiring men.

Had a few meeting in the afternoon then went home.

My friend Didier is studying to be a masseur and offered me a full body massage as he needs to practice. The 1.5 hour deal turned into a 2.5 hours super relaxing job.

I felt the calmest I’ve felt… ever! Didier was super professional and gave me a few tips to practice on the boy. Yes baby.

Then I had about half a kg of serrano ham I had brought from Spain and now I’m going to bed.

Perfect night!

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