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Back to one of my favourite topics - MEAT!!

On Saturday I had planned going to a rock club in the ol’ towne of Guildford with my friend Leigh.

Him knowing me well enough, he kindly booked a steakhouse right in the high street as our pre-club entertainment. 

The place is called CAU, which stands for Carne Argentina Unica or Unique Argentinian Meat, and it’s pronounced (as you may guess) COW.

It is without a doubt one of the best steakhouses I’ve ever been to.

We had some bread and dips for starter, in order not to distract our appetite from the brilliant meat main course too much

I chose the Tapa de Cuadril (see above), which is a different cut from my usual favourite, the glorious Ribeye. In CAU’s description of this wonderful cut, which I highly recommend: “Cut from the top of the rump, with a belt of delicious crackling running through it, this steak is served the Brazilian way – thinly sliced and flash grilled so it melts in your mouth

It really is as it says on the tin - it melts in your mouth. 

All their steaks come with thick or thin fries or salad, which makes it a bargain as well!

It was such a generous portion that I struggled to finish it all but it would have been sacrilege not to eat such a wonderful piece of cow. I even licked my fingers afterwards.

Food bliss.

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